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School Closing Information

School Emergency Closing & Security Regulations

If conditions arise that cause school to be closed, announcements will be made over local radio or TV stations. Local stations airing such announcements are KDKA (1020 AM), WBUT (1050 AM), WISR (680 AM), WLER (97.7 FM) . We respectfully request that you do not call the school office so that phone lines can be kept clear for emergency information from our central office.


Winter Delay Schedule


You can call 287-8721 for information on school closings, delayed openings, and early dismissals 24 hours a day!


One Hour Delay: School starts 10:15

Kindergarten - Morning: 10:15 AM to 11:53 PM

Kindergarten - Afternoon: 12:53 PM to 3:30 PM


Two Hour Delay: School starts 11:15

Kindergarten - Morning: 11:15 AM to 12:55 PM

Kindergarten - Afternoon: 1:50 PM to 3:30 PM


School Security Regulations


In an effort to provide for the safety of our students, we will be adhering to the following security regulations:


All adults who enter the school building must enter through the front door, pass through a metal detector and check in at the office to identify themselves. All visitors will be required to wear a “Visitor’s Pass.” Parents are asked not to go directly to the classrooms or other areas within the building during the school day. Either the principal or the secretary will take care of your needs if possible.


All parents who must pick up children for dental or doctor appointments during the school day must sign the student out at the school office.


If, for whatever reason, it is necessary for a student to arrive at school after class begins, a parent should “check in” the student at the office. Often, a student enters alone assuming a lunch can be ordered. Depending upon the time, it might be too late to order one. If the parent leaves without knowledge of this, the student might not receive a lunch. We want to prevent this from happening. If you know your child will be late, please either phone the school office or notify the classroom teacher the previous day to order a lunch. Lunches cannot be ordered after 9:45.


Children may not be dismissed early without a signed note from the parent. This includes medical appointments, etc. The child must be picked up at the office, and the person getting the student must record his/her name and the reason for the dismissal in the “sign-out” book.


Students will not be released to anyone other than the parents or persons designated on the student data sheet unless the school has a signed note from the parent authorizing this action. This means that grandparents, uncles, aunts, baby-sitters, etc., must have a signed statement from the parents. Other arrangements may be made at the discretion of the principal.


Unusual circumstances that may affect the safety of the child should be reported to the school by the parents. For example, pending divorce and/or custody conflicts which indicate that there may be a question about who has authority to pick up the child, should be reported to the principal, secretary, and/or teacher so that we may be aware of the situation. This information will be kept in the strictest confidence. Copies of court orders should be supplied to the principal if the order involves child custody issues.